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Getting into NodeJS Development

Howdy People, here I am with one more article to notify How I am doing! ????

I started my programming career with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in my hand. The time when I was digging ReactJS I heard about NodeJS and it’s awesomeness.

So, I planned to start learning it. I have a very busy schedule nowadays, my agency wayout works is doing great.

In this COVID situation, we managed to get good clients. So, more clients more work ???? . But due to lockdown, I am also getting some free time and I am utilizing that time in learning NodeJS.

What is NodeJS?

They told me that this is a PNG ????

The first clarification I want to give is that NodeJS is not a programming language it’s a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. V8 JavaScript engine is the same engine that Google Chrome uses to execute JavaScript.

You can learn more about the V8 Engine from here

So, How people code to built NodeJS Apps? NodeJS Applications are built using JavaScript ( YES! ). What NodeJS Developers do is they use modules that NodeJS provide .

JavaScript is non-blocking also know as Asynchronous, that makes it fast in fetching and delivering data.

As JavaScript is used in Front End and because of NodeJS it is also now used in the backend that makes NodeJS Applications scalable and clean so the demand in NodeJS developers are increasing.

How I am learning?

I bought a NodeJS course from Udemy by Andrew Mead . The course is The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) and taking help with Official Node JS Documentation. NodeJS Docuemntation is the best place to learn anything around NodeJS they are properly written with helpful example.


I am still learning and will continue updating this blog with whatever I learn or found any helpful link will mention below.

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