Naveen Kharwar

I am from Tech Support!

When I was a kid, I saw a movie named The Loosers. There was a scene when Chris Evans was a Cool Tech Support Guy. That scene was funny! The thing that impressed me was his look and the smart move that he did.

Chris Evans from The Loosers

No, I am not going to steal any data or kill people! all I wanted is to say this line in my life.

Hi There, I am Naveen from Tech Support Team.

Now I can proudly say this *wink*

Hi There, I got a new job at Inactiv.com Media Solutions Private Limited, The maker of BlogVault, MalCare, MigrateGuru, and WP Remote. I am going for another challenge in my life.

Customer Support Engineer is a completely new role for me, but I was preparing for this since 2017. I practiced for support at WordPress Official Forum, learn WordPress development, make myself good at debugging. All these preparations were for Tech Support Job.

People who know me consider me as a developer, they were surprised when I told them that I am going for this job!

I have a good plan for this role, but also I will make myself updated with coding because my coding knowledge helped me in getting this job, and also I found this helpful in solving the issue.

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