Naveen Kharwar

Starting New Life aka New Place

Am I Afraid?

Yes Yes Yes… Okay let me tell you what I did!

Hi There I am Naveen Kharwar and I do stuff that excites me to live more.

Today is 07-10-2020 I left my father’s home and come to Varanasi to live alone at this moment I am jobless whatever I am earning is coming from way out of works but I still come here to experience more in my life. I know I have to face many problems but I am a hero and a hero has to be strong, powerful and can survive in any condition because I am here to give example to people that what an enthusiastic person can do ????.

I bought some stuff from my home like cloth, some utils like Glass, plate, and mom gave me soap ????.

By The Way, I don’t know how to cook so yes it will be another trouble I need to buy induction or something but also I have to remember that it will increase the electricity bill.


The room in which I am staying cost me 1500 RS + Electricity bill yes this is less amount at least in Varanasi but I am lucky ???? but the room is too small half is full with a table and bags another half Is covered by a folding bed and induction Yes I have to cook in the same room.

Are you alone there?

Actually, there is another Man staying in the same house on the ground floor he is a Teacher from Bihar he is really a nice guy he has a wife and a little girl but they were in Bihar he live here alone to earn money.


After getting rejected by so many companies today is the technical round of for the post of Front End WordPress Engineer. I hope all goes well otherwise I have to search for another job. At the moment I can do anything from opening home tuition to a Delivery Boy. I will update this blog if I got selected in RTcamp. ????
Edited: Here is an update I am again rejected for this job from the morning I am going to search for another job.


Yes, I am missing my Maa ????and Dad. I wish they are happy and healthy.

Well, now I will be having some good free time I am going to blog from frequent aka writing about my life ☺.

Hey ????‍♂️, New person I have never shared any of my blog on any social media account if you are here and reading my blog I like to thank you for the interest. You can talk to me anytime.

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